What is the Breathe Easy program?

The Breathe Easy program is an in-home environmental intervention to improve asthma management. Participants receive home visits from a trained healthy home specialist to assess for asthma triggers. The specialist will also provide supplies to reduce in-home triggers. This intervention is designed for people with uncontrolled asthma who have potential environmental triggers in their home.

How does it work?

  • Referral

    Participants are referred to the Breathe Easy program through a healthcare partner. These partners include:

    •  The Duke Pediatric Pulmonology Center 
    •  The Healthy Opportunity Pilot through NC DHHS and Medicaid MCOs

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  • Intake

    Once the referral is received, our intake specialist will reach out to the patient or guardian of the patient to gather some information and schedule a home assessment.

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  • Home Assessment

    The in-home or virtual home assessment will be conducted by a team of two trained Healthy Homes Housing Specialists. During the home assessment, the specialists will be looking for potential asthma triggers in the home, such as dust, pests, mold, or smoke. They will also provide education and referrals to additional services as needed.

    The participant will receive a healthy home kit at this visit. The kit includes:

    HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
    • Air purifier and extra filter
    • Nontoxic cleaners
    • Pest Control supplies
    • Hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers

    The team will show the patient and/or guardian of the patient how to use all the supplies provided.

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  • Follow-up

    There will be at least two follow-up phone calls and one follow-up visit to the patient after the initial assessment. The team will ensure all the equipment is working properly and check-in about any referrals that were made.